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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) rapidly spreads disrupting workforce mobility plans and business operations around the world, business leaders and organizations active on the Chinese market must be prepared to mitigate the impacts and ensure business as usual.


The latest insights are evaluating that China’s economic activity is due to restart in late Q1 and most businesses are not ready to face a prolonged outbreak. A delayed response will put significant pressure on your business recovery and increase crisis response costs.


We are here to assist in your continuous business development plans for China!

Coronavirus Updates in China

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How to Generate Business Remotely During Coronavirus

As COVID-19 keeps disrupting business trips around the world, organizations can mitigate the decline in new businesses with appropriate and remote strategies.

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Allocation Needs of China Offshore’s Service Providers

Our database provides a complete overview of the immediate needs of Chinese U/HNWIs in investment migration, wealth and corporate planning.

Are Chinese Intermediaries Looking for Solutions in Your Region?

Discover where the most active domestic intermediaries are currently looking for cross-border solutions. Maybe you are the partner they are looking for.

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