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Lead Generation Services

MX Media assists investment promotion agencies, economic development organizations, and financial centers to attract investments in their financial services sector and to stimulate cooperation between their private sector firms and China-based financial intermediaries.

We have a proven track record of generating real investments from Chinese companies and institutions by targeting their needs for outbound investments. MX Media also offers a range of services directly to private sector firms in the financial and professional services sector designed to connect them with China-based financial intermediaries looking for services and solutions abroad.

The most effective method for identifying and establishing cooperation with intermediaries whose clients have predefined needs for providers’ offerings.

Our guarantee: If the lead is not
– Decision-maker
– Currently or looking to be active in your business sector
– Interested in learning more about your company as a potential provider
then we will replace it with one that is, at no extra cost

We aim at building long-term and sustainable relationships with the relevant China-based companies and financial intermediaries on your behalf

Six- to twelve-month structured campaign to prequalify financial intermediaries based on your requirements

We introduce you to qualified local advisors, investors and financial institutions relevant to your jurisdiction and the services you offer

To learn more about expanding your client base in Asia, drop us a line to discuss and we will get right back to you.